Know-how & Team


Manufacturing of custom textile ornaments in Paris

A unique artisanal workshop

Exclusively on demand, entirely in Paris, our yarns are woven, Jacquard or hand, twisted, applied by hand to shapes, and cut to become ropes, braids, cracks, fringes, cartisanes, pompoms and other trimmings.

We maintain the manufacturing tools and perpetuate the gestures of yesteryear to create these products with art and technique, and develop new textile ornaments.


Specialized in tailor-made

Complete and rare know-how

We support interior decoration professionals in the choice of colors, shapes, styles and materials of trimmings for seats, sofas, cushions, curtains, blinds, hangings and even headboards.

We also create handles, lighting, screens, wall decorations and small furniture.

Whatever the style and universe sought after, all our products constitute the remarkable elements of residences with studied interiors, luxury hotels and all exceptional places.

And our latest innovations, sometimes made with renowned designers, become gallery pieces for collectors.

Finally, for haute couture, watchmaking or jewelry, our trimmings are transformed into buttons, handbag accessories, bracelets or even belts.

The team

A complementary team of enthusiasts

Creation/Co-Creation, Agility, Speed ​​and Quality

The team of reassorters, fitters, weavers, twisters and establishers master the many, largely manual, stages of our manufacturing.
Recognized for its agility, creativity, as well as the aesthetics and quality of its manufacturing, our company meets the demands of a demanding clientele all over the world.
Equipe Passementerie Verrier Paris