The Verrier House

265 years of history, know-how and passion

The trimmings workshop in Paris

Many generations of the Verrier/Poemon family have worked as trimmers in France since the 18th century. While the brothers Paul and Gaspard Verrier appear in the “Regulation of Master Passementiers” of Lyon in 1754, the Poemons are passementiers in the Saint-Etienne region.

In 1968, Georges and Louis Verrier handed over their workshop to two of their loyal employees, Claude and Renée Dorget, who had joined the workshop as apprentices.

Their son, Yves, joined them in 1992 and then led the company. A workshop man, he became an expert in jacquard weaving and twisting, expertise for which he was distinguished Master of Art in 2013.

In 2018, Anne Anquetin took over the company to give it new momentum, between heritage and modernity, while it refocused on manufacturing.


Development and know-how

The ambition of the workshop’s team of enthusiasts is to continue to excel in its rare and particular know-how, by offering unique trimmings and textile ornaments, of all styles and all kinds.